Overview of Services


About DMAC: We provide support for acquiring, preparing, and analyzing observational data. We work with large observational databases such as administrative claims, survey, and registry data are robust platforms for epidemiological and health services, policy, and economics research. Studies increasingly leverage observational data for health-related research, such as conducting comparative effectiveness of treatment options on health outcomes, assessing the cost-effectiveness of clinical interventions, or evaluating the effect of a policy on utilization and cost of health services.

1. Study Design

  • Study design and research question consultation
  • Dataset selection (assessment of strengths and limitations of available data)
  • Guidance on unique data characteristics from knowledgeable researchers 

2. Database Management

  • Data acquisition and storage
  • Administrative and regulatory support

3. Programming Support

  • Data processing, cleaning
  • Linkage to EHR, VHAN datasets 
  • Analytic variable construction

Examples of data include:

  • Medicare limited data set files (100% and 5% Samples)
  • Tennessee Department of Health Hospital Discharge Data and Vital Statistics 
  • TennCare 
  • SID-State Level Data


Core Director: Chris Fonnesbeck, Ph.D.

Core Program Manager: Lesley Bristol, MSPH

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

8:30 a.m to 5:00 p.m.    

2525 West End Ave.
Room 1247 E

Links and Resources

  1. Database Management and Analysis Core Website
  2. Institute for Medicine and Public Health Dataset Directory