VUMC CFAR-Clinical Sciences Core

Overview of Services

Mission of the Clinical Sciences Core

The Tennessee Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) is located in the Southeastern US, the region with both the greatest number of new HIV-1 infections, and of persons living with HIV. This CFAR’s institutional and community environment is rich in opportunity, and with a culture of engagement and collaboration. The Clinical Sciences Core will fill major gaps in the local research environment, and in so doing support the mission of the Tennessee CFAR to reduce the burden of HIV/AIDS, as well as other goals of the nationwide CFAR program.

Specific Aims of the Clinical Sciences Core

  1. To propel the use of robust observational databases for hypothesis-driven clinical and translational research across disciplines focused on reducing the overall burden of HIV/AIDS.

  2. To support investigators with research projects that require access to study volunteers, and associated biological specimens.
  3. To create new opportunities for clinical and translational research at Meharry Medical College, as well as cross-institutional opportunities, and to facilitate Meharry investigator access to such opportunities.


Clinical Coordinator: Beverly Woodward, MSN, RN
Director: David Haas, M.D.

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

8:30am to  4:30pm                   


Links and Resources

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