Overview of Services

Our core mission is to help researchers who want to use the electronic health record data (EHR) to address their research questions. We provide phenotyping services that leverage structured and semi-structured data that have been organized for high throughput phenotyping. The data elements we rely on include claims data (ICD and CPT codes), lab results, pathology reports, and other structured and semi-structured data elements of the EHR.

We have a lot of experience applying these phenotypes to using genetic data and can provide guidance to researchers on methods like PheWAS, LabWAS, and phenotype risk scores (PheRS). Although most of the requests we field pertain to questions about genetics, we can help with projects that require custom phenotyping that is more complex than a simple “data pull” but still does not require the most sophisticated natural language processing methods.



                                                                           PheWAS Assessment

PheWAS Assessment


Center Director: Josh Peterson, MD
Core Scientific Director: Lisa Bastarache, MS
Core Operations Manager: Brian Aloisi
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2525 West End Ave, Suite 1500


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