VUMC Integrated Data Access and Services Core (IDASC)

Overview of Services

The IDASC core supports research involving secondary use of clinical data and is a mechanism for receiving programming related to the Synthetic Derivative/BioVU, and the Research Derivative available to the Vanderbilt research community.


The Synthetic Derivative (SD) is Vanderbilt's fully de-identified repository of clinical data. It is a rich, multi source database integrating data from across the enterprise. The database contains approximately 2.5 million electronic medical records. The SD also contains integrated genetic data made available through BioVU. BioVU is Vanderbilt’s collection of de-identified DNA samples whose associated clinical data elements are stored in the SD.

The SD can be used for:

  • Cohort identification and data extraction for non-human study research
  • Connect patient data to genomic data in BioVU to study the links between genes and disease/medicine

The Research Derivative (RD) is Vanderbilt's fully identified repository of clinical data suited for projects requiring identified information for linkage to other data sources, large cohort extraction, and other projects requiring specialized data sets. It is structured for research allowing efficient identification and extraction of data elements. The RD integrates many data sources across the enterprise, including StarPanel, the EDW, and HEO.

The RD can be used for:

  • Identification of large subject cohorts and extraction of data sets
  • Supplement Data for studies with a pre-defined cohort that requires additional variables
  • Recruitment for clinical studies by combining clinical and appointment data

The IDASC core allows investigators access to custom programming for study population identification through phenotyping and supplemental data extraction by analysts from both resources on a fee-for-service basis starting at $90 per hour.


Paul Harris, PhD, Director
Hillary Duckham, Core Manager
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Suite 1030
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