VUMC Islet and Pancreas Analysis (IPA) Core

Overview of Services

The Islet and Pancreas Analysis Core (IPA Core) is a core of the Vanderbilt Diabetes Research and Training Center (DRTC). Pancreatic islet biology, development, and function are major DRTC research areas with investigators studying a variety of islet-related processes ranging from intracellular signaling, immunology of type 1 diabetes, islet-enriched transcription factors, to islet transplantation. The objective of the core is to facilitate research of DRTC-affiliated investigators by providing high quality, well-characterized mouse pancreatic islets.


Mouse Islet Isolation
Islet Perifusion
Static Islet Incubation
Islet Culture
Islet RNA Isolation
Whole Slide Scanning & Image Analysis
CODEX Multiplex Imaging
Assistance with experimental design

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Acknowledgments for Islet Procurement & Analysis Core

Please remember to acknowledge the Islet Procurement & Analysis Core when submitting publications. The Islet Procurement & Analysis Core is supported by the Vanderbilt Diabetes Research and Training Center (P60 DK020593).

Core Members

Marcela Brissova (Tel. 615-936-1729), PhD, Core Director
Diane Saunders (Tel. 615-875-8616), PhD, Core Co-Director
Anastasia Coldren (Tel. 615-936-2858), BS, Senior Research Specialist
Shaojun Mei, (Tel. 615-875-8661), MD, Senior Research Specialist
Corey Davis, (Tel. 615-936-2902), MS, Research Assistant
Alisa Escue (Tel. 615-322-2397), Core Administrator

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Islet Procedures: M - F 9 am - 5 pm  

Slide Scanning: 24/7

7475 MRB IV

8434 MRB IV

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Billing Number Activation

 VUMC Investigators with VUMC center numbers:
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 VU Investigators with VU CoA or POET numbers:
  VU users will manage the VU billing numbers via the webform on the VUMC Office of Research website
 Vanderbilt Investigators with VA (Veteran Affairs) funding: 
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Name Role Phone Email Location
Marcela Brissova
Core Director
8435G MRB4
Anastasia Coldren
Sr. Research Specialist
7475 MRB4
Alisa Escue
Core Administrator
807E Light Hall
Shaojun Mei
Sr. Research Specialist
7475 MRB4
Diane Saunders
Core Co-Director
7475 MRB4

Available Equipment and Resources

Name Price
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Indica Labs Image Analysis Workstation View calendar